Spring Concert 2024

Welcome to our concert! 

Sunday, April 28, 2024 at 2 pm at Alava-talo (Siikaniemenkatu 4, Kuopio) 
Vox Polaris choir and Pikkukuoro, led by Jaana Turunen 
Tickets 20 €/15 €, includes refreshments at intermission
The duration of the concert, including intermission, is approx. 1 h 45 min. 

Flora & Fauna 

The concert begins with Vox Polaris choir performing their Flora & Fauna program. The term ‘Flora’, Latin for flower, was originally associated with the Roman goddess of blossoms and the spring season, but in modern usage, it mostly signifies all plant life. ‘Fauna’ was the name of the Roman deity of earth and fertility,  and was also used to denote the spirits of the forest. In contemporary language, ‘fauna’ is generally used to refer to all animal life.

The Flora & Fauna program narrates tales of plants and animals through choral music. We invite you to embark on this melodious journey into nature!


Following intermission, the concert will continue with a performance by Pikkukuoro (Little Choir), presenting a collection of summer-themed songs. Pikkukuoro, a group of 12 vocalists, were previously part of Kuopio’s Ancora choir. Their repertoire is a tapestry of musical pieces, each capturing the essence of summer from various nations.

Joint performance 

The concert ends with combined choirs performing songs of spring.
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